• A Visit To Oxford
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    A Visit To Oxford In 25 Photos

    The Ultimate Visual Guide for Visiting Oxford Is Oxford on your bucket list? Do you want to go to one of the most beautiful universities in England? Or have you ever wanted to experience the magical world of Harry Potter through its filming locations? Well, these 25 photos, not only offer a muggle’s guide to Harry Potter but they prove that a visit to Oxford can be an awe-inspiring, wonderland kind of experience. A Visit To Oxford & Its Historic Streets There are so many wonderful streets in Oxford that are oh-so-cute and definitely worth a wander down. A visit to Oxford wouldn’t be complete without taking a leisurely stroll…

  • Jane Austen In Bath
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    Jane Austen In Bath | A Literary Tour

    Whilst it has been over 200 years since the death of Jane Austen, the city of Bath has certainly not forgotten her. To visit Bath is to step into the world Jane herself lived in for a significant portion of her lifetime. The Georgian architecture, which is the same as when Jane walked the streets, make the city feel like it is frozen in time. It is this visual grandeur that makes it easy to see why Bath sparked an unrivalled inspiration for her novels.  What Is Jane Austen’s Connections To Bath? The queen of wit and satire, the genius behind the nation’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey and…

  • Prior Park
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    Prior Park, Bath’s Spellbinding Secret Garden

    Prior Park, our Nation’s heritage through landscape design  This 18th-century landscape garden is unlike any other National Trust site. Yes, Prior Park has a history, and yes, it is bewitching, but there’s something so much more profound at work here. The landscape’s story is a true testament to how history can be revealed not just through beautiful architecture or the battlements of ancient castles. Instead, the rolling hills, the sweeping valley and winding woodland unveil the truth of the social and economic conditions within the 18th century. Are you intrigued? Read on and you’ll experience Bath’s Prior Park like a true 18th-century person.  An aristocratic origin  Looking out over the…

  • Reasons to visit Bath
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    Reasons To Visit Bath|The Ultimate Bucket List

    Reasons to visit Bath Bath’s elegant Georgian architecture, impressive panoramic scenes and diverse range of local and international cuisine are only a few reasons you should visit Bath! Known for being a UNESCO World Heritage city and as “The Queen of English Cities,” Bath has drawn visitors for over 2000 years. Its manifold of attractions privileges a glimpse and experience into England’s rich heritage, making it the ideal spot for a charming getaway. Still not convinced about visiting Bath? Here’s my ultimate bucket list with the top reasons to visit Bath! Hopefully, you’ll agree that it inspires you to visit and enjoy all that Bath has to offer you! 1.…

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    A Day Trip To A Traditional Egyptian Home

    Whilst travelling down the River Nile on a rather deserted cruise, our tour guide insisted that we trust him and take a jeep out into the desert to visit a remote rural village. This village has, over the centuries, managed to keep the essence and appearance of an ancient traditional housing complex and traditional architecture. An Island Village Upon arriving at the village, I caught sight of several small children ranging from the age of five to around fifteen all hiding behind pillars, cars, and anything that would provide them with sufficient concealment. Suddenly I realised that in their eyes we were intruders, invading their private home, that has been…

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    The Savoy Hotel & Soho Square, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

    Before going on holiday all I ever heard for months was ‘be careful out there… the heat is unbearable… make sure you wear sun cream’ and in all honesty, I thought these people were just being rather hyperbolic and were trying to scare me. I thought I had been abroad before, to places like Turkey which on a bad day went above 40 degrees, so I’m an experienced trooper I’ll be fine. Right? Gosh, was I wrong! The first thing I remember upon landing in this exquisite country is that the concept I had of ‘heat’ could not match up to what was surrounding me. We arrived at our hotel,…

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    The Best Way To Travel The Nile River

    After a lazy week of sun, swimming and eating in Soho Square, we embarked on a 7-day cruise down the Nile River. We started in Luxor and travelled to Aswan with each day providing an opportunity to explore temples, museums and markets. If we lacked the energy to go out, we remained on board the cruise, enjoying the serene scenery and the luxury of having a deserted cruise to ourselves. The Best Way To Explore Egypt Embarking on a trip down the Nile River is a truly magical (and stress-free) way to explore and discover the ancient world of Egypt. The Nile River with its calm, barely moving waters means…

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    The Colossi of Memnon, Egypt

    Located west of the modern city of Luxor and facing east toward the River Nile, standing at 60 ft high and weighing 720 tons each, these two monumental and imposing sandstone statues are known as the Colossi of Memnon. They represent Amenhotep III (1385-1353 BCE) of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt in all his glory. Here, the king is depicted as sitting on a throne engraved with imagery of his wife and mother, both symbolising rebirth. The Egyptian Engravings  The engravings, as previously mentioned, had more than just a decorative purpose. It was a form of art, and like art today its purpose was to instruct, warn, and advertise. The symbolic…

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    Valley of the Kings, Egypt

    What is the Valley of the Kings? The ancient Egyptians built massive and elaborate tombs for themselves. The most famous site is the Valley of the Kings which is a long narrow defile on the River Nile’s west bank in Upper Egypt. It was once part of the ancient city of Thebes (modern town of Luxor) and acted as a burial site for almost all the Pharaohs between the 18th-20th dynasties (1539-1075 BCE). To date, there have been 62 tombs found in the hills behind Dayr al-Bahri and since 1979 they have been a part of the World Heritage site of ancient Thebes. Why choose a desert? The kings sought…

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    Things To Do In Bath In 25 Photos

    The Ultimate Visual Guide for Visiting Bath Ever wonder what things there are to do in Bath? Well, these 25 photos throughout the year show the charm and beauty that the city is famous for. They also show you the multitude of things you can do in this city. Shopping & Restaurants  In the first place there is so much to do here. Firstly, the centre is overflowing with some of the finest independent shops in Britain and there are some wonderful restaurants. There are also many luxury hotels, Georgian guesthouses, country cottages and apartments in the centre that are worth staying overnight in. They will provide you with a…