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    Abu Simbel |The Ancient History

    One morning whilst cruising down the River Nile we got up at two am. We drove for three hours through the desert to arrive at Abu Simbel by five. For those, like myself, who hate waking up early you might question my sanity right about now. Believe me, I was questioning it. But I am so glad I listened to our tour guide. What awaited me made everything worth it. I firmly believe that nothing can ever surpass the image of the sunrise hitting Abu Simbel that morning.  Visit Early in the Morning  Early morning is the time to visit. There are fewer tourists, meaning that it is quiet and…

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    The Temple of Horus at Edfu [Travel Guide]

    The Temple of Horus, otherwise known as Edfu temple, was one of my favourite stops along the Nile River. Architecturally impressive, the Temple of Horus is a must-do stop. You’ll experience the sheer scale and ambition of the Egyptian temple builders. There’s so much to see but I would recommend booking a tour guide. This will allow you to make the most out of your visit and the guides are lovely and informative. They bring the hieroglyphs, history and religion behind the temple to life. Whilst, introducing visitors to the people who inhabited it and the culture they lived in. The Preservation of an Ancient Temple As the best-preserved ancient…