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    Rome Apartment [Review]

    Why Apartment over Hotel? I’ve never written an apartment review before. But I felt the trip I just did in Rome warranted one. It was so jam-packed with things to do. I wanted to give my honest opinion about whether an apartment or hotel would suit this style of trip better. We were only in Rome for five days and we knew that we’d be out for most of the days. As a result, my family and I decided to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. This was a new experience for us. We usually like the ease and comfort of knowing anything we needed or wanted…

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    The Savoy Hotel, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

    Before going on holiday all I ever heard for months was ‘be careful out there… the heat is unbearable… make sure you wear sun cream’. In all honesty, I thought these people were just being rather hyperbolic and trying to scare me. I thought I had been abroad before, so I’m an experienced trooper I’ll be fine. Right? Gosh, was I wrong! Upon landing, I remember thinking the concept I had of ‘heat’ did not match up to Egypt’s climate. We arrived at our hotel, The Four Seasons, around midnight. It was, to my surprise, still around 36 degrees and the humidity was increasing. I can’t say if this was…

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    The Nile River | The Best Way To Travel Egypt

    After a lazy week of sun, swimming and eating in Soho Square, we embarked on a 7-day cruise down the Nile River. We started in Luxor and travelled to Aswan. Each day provided a new opportunity to explore temples, museums and markets. If we lacked the energy to go out, we remained on board the cruise. Here we enjoyed the serene scenery and the luxury of having a deserted cruise to ourselves. The Nile River is the best way to explore Egypt Embarking on a trip down the Nile River is a truly magical (and stress-free) way to explore and discover the ancient world of Egypt. The Nile River with…