• Rome in 25 pictures
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    Discover Rome in 25 Pictures

    Ever wanted to travel to Rome? Well, discover Rome in 25 pictures from my recent trip in September. They show the beautiful harmony between the ancient city and the charming quaintness of modern Rome. These photographs also show the plethora of things you can do, see, and eat in the city! All of which you won’t want to miss out on experiencing! It was a whirlwind of a time in Rome but definitely one I’d repeat in a heartbeat. When Is The Best Time To Visit Bath? I’ve been to Rome both during peak season (July) and off-peak in September. From my personal experience, the best time to visit the…

  • A Visit To Oxford
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    A Visit To Oxford In 25 Photos

    The Ultimate Visual Guide for Visiting Oxford Is Oxford on your bucket list? Do you want to go to one of the most beautiful universities in England? Or have you ever wanted to experience the magical world of Harry Potter through its filming locations? Well, these 25 photos, not only offer a muggle’s guide to Harry Potter but they prove that a visit to Oxford can be an awe-inspiring, wonderland kind of experience. A Visit To Oxford & Its Historic Streets There are so many wonderful streets in Oxford that are oh-so-cute and definitely worth a wander down. A visit to Oxford wouldn’t be complete without taking a leisurely stroll…

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    Things To Do In Bath In 25 Photos

    The Ultimate Visual Guide for Visiting Bath Ever wonder what things there are to do in Bath? Well, these 25 photos throughout the year show the charm and beauty that the city is famous for. They also show you the multitude of things you can do in this city. Shopping & Restaurants  In the first place there is so much to do here. Firstly, the centre is overflowing with some of the finest independent shops in Britain and there are some wonderful restaurants. There are also many luxury hotels, Georgian guesthouses, country cottages and apartments in the centre that are worth staying overnight in. They will provide you with a…