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Like all my others, my Egypt Travel Bucket List has been steadily growing over the years. There is an endless array of spectacular landmarks and experiences just waiting for you in Egypt. But because of everything that has happened there, many travellers have been too afraid to visit. Whilst some areas in Egypt are deemed unsafe, the British government estimated 415,000 British nationals visited Egypt in 2018 and most visits were trouble-free.

When I went to Egypt a few years ago, I managed to check some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventures off my Egypt Travel Bucket List. I took a cruise down the Nile River, visited a plethora of temples that had a multitude of remarkable hieroglyphs and wondered at the staggering beauty and preservation of the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Since then, I’ve been dreaming and learning about the other unbelievable things Egypt has to offer that everyone should at some point visit.

Don’t believe me? Check out my Egypt Travel Bucket List that unarguably will make you want to see and experience Egypt! My list covers ancient Egyptian sites and archaeological ruins, including the sensational Giza Pyramid and glorious Egyptian temples of Abu Simbel, Luxor, and Edfu. Additionally, my list covers the most beautiful places in Egypt, from unique Roman catacombs to biblical Mount Sinai.


  1. Marvel at the Pyramids of Giza
  2. Take a cruise down the River Nile Egypt Travel Bucket List
  3. See Cairo’s Sphinx
  4. Stroll through history at the Cairo Museum
  5. See the sunrise at Abu Simbel – Egypt Travel Bucket List
  6. Explore the Temple of Isis – Temple of Philae 
  7. Discover the Temple of Horus – Temple of EdfuEgypt Travel Bucket List
  8. See the Temple of Kom Ombo –
  9. Go to the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa
  10. Get literary at Alexandria Library
  11. Explore Karnak –
  12. Stroll around the Temple of Habu – Medinet Habu
  13. Wander at the Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens
  14. See the Colossi of Memnon – Egypt Travel Bucket List
  15. Explore the Monastery of St. Catherine 
  16. Wander the Lost City of Heracleion
  17. See the ruins at Tanis
  18. Discover the Baron Empain Palace
  19. Shop at the historic Khan El Khalili
  20. Go to the Nilometer
  21. Learn about ancient history at Memphis, Egypt
  22. Take a ride to the City of the Dead
  23. See the Valley of the Whales
  24. Go to the Siwa Oasis
  25. Ride a camel in the Black Desert
  26. Snorkel in the Red Sea
  27. Marvel at the Desert Breath 
  28. Learn about the hieroglyphs at Hathor Temple
  29. Walk around Luxor – ✔ 
  30. Stroll around the Monastery of St. Simon
  31. Take a hot-air balloon ride in Luxor
  32. See Hatshepsut’s Temple – ✔ 
  33. Geek out at the Mosque of Ibn Tulun
  34. Ride a camel with the pyramids behind me
  35. See Aswan Dam – Egypt Travel Bucket List
  36. Take a picnic at Al-Azhar Park
  37. Walk around the Pyramids of Dahshur
  38. Marvel at Saqqara
  39. Climb Mount Sinai
  40. Stay in a Nubian Village
  41. Be at one with nature in Aswan Botanical Garden
  42. Go to Cairo Citadel 
  43. Relax at Naama Bay
  44. Discover the Mosque of Muhammad Ali
  45. Walk around the Citadel of Qaitbay

To Travel Or Not To Travel?

And there you have it, my Egypt Travel Bucket List. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I certainly loved writing it. Has it inspired you to take a trip to Egypt?

If you have any other recommendations or experiences to share, then feel free to message me or comment below. And if you enjoyed this list, be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on another inspiring travel bucket list!

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