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Oxford Travel Bucket List

This summer has been pretty incredible, so far. I have been lucky enough to go back to Oxford and see some unforgettable things the city has to offer. I was so captured by my trip I wanted to create my Oxford Travel Bucket List to inspire others to explore the city and to remind myself to discover more of Oxford.

When I go out on day trips, weekend breaks or even longer trips, I find it is easy to get swept up in the excitement and wonder of a new place that I either forget to visit important, once-in-a-lifetime sites or that I run out of time to do everything I want to do. So before going on new adventures, I’ve started to make bucket lists. These lists aren’t to take the spontaneity out of my trips, quite the opposite actually.

They remind me of what I really want to see and do but they’re not the be-all and end-all. I always inevitably get inspired by people, events or off-the-beaten-track sites I hadn’t heard about and I add them to my days’ itinerary. It’s always important to remember to live in the moment when you go on new adventures. But before then, I hope you enjoy my Oxford Travel Bucket List and get excited and fired-up to explore a new place.

My Oxford Travel Bucket List

  1. Visit the Bodleian Library✔ 
  2. Marvel at the Radcliffe Camera architecture –

    Oxford Travel Bucket List

  3. Walk around Oxford Castle
  4. Explore Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  5. Walk around Oxford Botanic Garden 
  6. Discover the Covered Market Oxford 
  7. See the Bridge of Sighs –

    Oxford Travel Bucket List

  8. Climb the Tower of University Church of St Mary the Virgin 
  9. Enjoy a visit to Oxford University’s CollegesOxford Travel Bucket List
  10. Go to the History of Science Museum 
  11. Shop on Broad Street – ✔      Things To Do In Oxford
  12. Amble around the beautiful and old-fashioned streets – Things to do in Oxford
  13. Walk around Radcliffe Square –
  14. Take a tour of the Divinity School

    Oxford Travel Bucket List

  15. See the Martyr’s Memorial Monument
  16. Buy books at one of the largest Blackwell’s Bookshop in the U. K. –
  17. Eat at Pauls
  18. Take a Harry Potter tour of Oxford
  19. See the granite cross representing the Oxford Martyrs –
  20. See the Saxon Tower
  21. Marvel at Cornmarket Streets’ 14th-century building –
  22. Drink cocktails at The Varsity Club

What do you think of my Oxford Travel Bucket List? Is there anything I’ve missed off that you think I should inlcude? Feel free to get in touch and I will add them to my list! 

Finally, if you enjoyed my Oxford Travel Bucket List, check out my post Things to do in Oxford | One Day Itinerary or A visit to Oxford in 25 photos for more inspiration!

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