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My Services

Photo Packages

Whether you're a Hotel, Tourism Board, Tour Operator, Real Estate Agent, Booking Platform, Tourist Attractions, Small Businesses or Entrepreneurs, I can create photo packages for your business. These photo packages are designed to add to or improve your existing social media or website material. 

Samples of my work here!


I can ghostwrite any short-form or long-form articles, press release or webpage to be published on your website or any other publication of your choosing. Prior to writing this content I can review your website and generate a keyword report to suggest information that should be included to maximise website traffic.

Video Packages

I can produce Marketing videos, event and/or occasion videos, campaign videos or travel videos. If you already have your footage and you require assistance with specific post-production services, I can also help you with that. I capture a mixture of drone shots, close-ups, and interviews to bring your videos to life. 

Samples of my work here!

(Online) Magazine Writing

I can write anything from how-to guides to personal essays as a freelance writer or regular contributor to your magazine. 

Brochure, Guides & (E)book

I can write or ghostwrite brochure, guides or (E)books. If you're a hospitality company or destination, I can also visit your location to include bespoke and original written and visual content.

Hotel Ads Writing

Hotel ads can make or break how much business your company gets. I can write excellent ads that'll make the difference between someone browsing and buying/clicking your product/deal. My ads will make your customers feel as if they're experiencing the best of your brand while on the internet. 

Social Meda Copywriting

There are two main goals when it comes to social media posts - to have someone share your content or to have viewers click through to your website. I can copywriter your social media posts to make your audience do one of these two things and grow your brand recognition!


I can Copywrite anything for any medium such as websites, travel brochures, print or web-based publications to help drive more traffic to your company and help you achieve your goals. Do you need an eye-catching copy on your website's homepage or descriptions of destinations or accommodations? Well, I'm the person for the job!

Blog Post(s)

Similar to ghostwriting, I can write any short-form or long-form blog posts for your website. These blog posts can be about how-to guides, destination features, roundups, itineraries, interview write-ups, holiday and event coverage or promotional posts about upcoming brand changes, products, or deals.

Destination Article Writing

I can write about either a specific destination, climate description, or some other niche category such as mountainous or beach landscapes. I'll write on various topics about your destination which will immerse your readers into the culture, food and people of the destination before they land there. 

Holiday/Special Events Writing

Planning a trip is always difficult and as a holiday and special events writer, I can help your travellers stay up to date with the event and what's going on in the town.

Itinerary Writing

With years of travel and itinerary creation experience, I can create an in-depth schedule for your travellers. One that outlines (but not limited to) the following activities: Restaurant options; Social and recreational activity options; Transportation to and from accommodations; History or cultural sites to explore.

Roundup Article Writing

If you need a compilation of all the 'bests', I can write roundup articles that centre around the best tips, tricks, knowledge and advice on destination spots, resorts, cities, etc. These articles will be packed with content and deliver tons of value to your readers. 


I can publish detailed articles reviewing your product, company, or destination. For hotels and destinations, these reviews can be written while attending Press Trips. While on these Press Trips, photo and/or video packages can be created for you.  

Press Trips

I can attend Press Trips for original and up-to-date content creation for your website or blog. Or I can work with your ambassador programmes to improve your sales, brand recognition and reputation by promoting your brand on social media and my website. 

Bonus Material

*All of the above or any of your other content can be proofread, edited or revised by myself.

** After creating your content, I can source images or videos or create a bespoke photo or video packages (see above) that'll be relevant to the content for better engagement.

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