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My Services

Photo Packages

Macdonald Leeming House

In the folder (link in photo), I've created high-end Drone and Canon photographs of the Macdonald hotel. Whether you're a Hotel, Tourism Board, Tour Operator, Real Estate Agent, Booking Platform, Castles, Palaces, Tourist Attractions, Small Businesses or Entrepreneurs, I can create a similar photo package for your business. In these packages, I'll include aerial and land shots to give different perspectives and photograph any key aspects that would attract clients to you. This photo package can then be shared across your website and social media and will be promoted on my platforms. 

*Photo packages can be brought with video packages. Inquire for rates.

Video Packages

Macdonald Leeming House

The video created above and other video packages (here) are examples of high-quality content campaigns that can be produced for clients through my media company - Jade Braham productions. Whether you're looking to maximise your business success or reach more customers, sell and/or promote products or services, capture the atmosphere of an event and encourage your audience to attend the next or capture a celebration on camera, I can assist your every need.

I  specialise in creating highly engaging and high-quality, professional video packages. I can produce Marketing videos, event and/or occasion videos, campaign videos, travel videos, or if you already have your footage and you require assistance with specific post-production services, I can also help you with that. I can capture a mixture of drone shots, close-ups, and interviews to bring your videos to life. 

Ghostwriting, Copywriting & Blog Creation

I can review your website and generate blog post ideas and keywords that'll best fit your audience based on SEO and website traffic research. If desired, from this I can write said blog post ideas into short-form or long-form articles to be published on your website or any other publication of your choosing.  

I can also create content, again short-form or long-form articles according to your ideas and niche - I cater to all fields. 

Brochure, Guides & (E)book Creations

I can write, ghostwrite or design graphics for your brochure, guide or (E)book. If you're a hospitality company or destination, I can also visit your location to include bespoke and original written and visual content.

Website and/or web page(s) Designs

I can work with you, or your clients, to create the website of your dreams. I do not provide custom web design services, but I work with pre-made WordPress (or other platforms) themes. The services I provide include theme installation, customisation (colours, image placements & fonts), custom blog banner and homepage graphics. I can also design and install web pages to your specific ideas. This website, and its web pages, were designed and installed by myself. If you have a vision, I can follow your instructions, or I can custom design one based on your personality, style, and business. 

Press Trips & Ambassador Programmes

I can attend Press Trips in groups or individually for original and up-to-date content creation for your website or blog.

I can work with your ambassador programmes to improve your sales, brand recognition and reputation by promoting your products to my audiences on all social media platforms, and by linking back to your business on my blog.


Additionally, I can publish detailed articles reviewing your product, company, or destination. For hotels and destinations, these reviews can be written while attending Press Trips. While on these Press Trips, photo and/or video packages can be created for you.  

Graphic Design

My Graphic Design Services includes Logo, Banners, Business Cards, Postcards, PDF's, Brochures, Guides, (E)books, Ads and graphic design (images, posters, etc.) for website and/or webpages.

I can also create graphics for social media: Pinterest pins graphic, Twitter post and/or cover graphic, Instagram post and/or story/highlight graphic and/or Facebook post and/or page graphic.

*All graphics on this website were created by myself.

Proofreading & Editing

I can proofread, edit and/or revise blog posts, any other website content, print or guide, brochure, (E)book materials. 

Bonus Material

*All of the above or any of your other content can be proofread, edited or revised by myself.

** After creating your content, I can source images or videos or create a bespoke photo or video packages (see above) that'll be relevant to the content for better engagement.

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