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Meet the woman who's chasing her passion for travel, culture and history, one word and photo at a time.

Portmeirion in Wales
Portmeirion in Wales
Pretty Villages in Cotswolds
Pretty Villages in Cotswolds
Pretty Villages in Cotswolds
Pretty Villages in Cotswolds
Blenheim Palace Gardens
Blenheim Palace Gardens
Things to do in Wales
Things to do in Wales
Lacock Wiltshire
Lacock Wiltshire
Turkey Holiday August 2010 379
Holiday Turkey July - Aug 2006 096
Portmeirion in Wales
Pretty Villages in Cotswolds
Pretty Villages in Cotswolds
Blenheim Palace Gardens
Photo 3
Things to do in Wales
Lacock Wiltshire
Photo 21
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Jade Braham, founder of Jade Braham's Odyssey, journeys across the globe in search of luxurious destinations and properties rooted in authentic culture and ancient history, tirelessly discovering hidden beauties that often go unseen!


Jade's Journey

After graduating from the University of Nottingham with a first in English, Jade knew she wanted to put pen to paper, and live by the words of her favourite author, Jane Austen: "If adventure will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad". But it was her trips as a young girl to South West Turkey that initially sparked her long love affair with travel.

From soaking-in vibrant honey and orange sunsets while cruising on traditional Turkish sailing boats on the romantic bays of the Mediterranean sea, to intimately experiencing a Turkish wedding - conducted in the Turkish language and tradition - Jade began to realise the importance of heritage and cultural differences, especially for personal and societal growth.

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From then on, all the trips she took, with or without family, were to destinations with a strong, intact and authentic culture and history that permeates its people's way of life even today. What she found was a lot more than a love of travel, but a newly minted passion for people, for different ideas, habits and practices and for learning how history created, inspired and continues to influence individuals around the world. Beyond this, Jade developed an interest in luxury travel and how it can be defined by culture and history, and equally how culture and history can add to the bespoke style of luxury travel.


Since then, Jade has made it her life's mission to show other travellers, especially young travellers like herself, how they can experience affordable luxury travel, that offers more meaningful forms of adventures not found among the tourist trails. When choosing destinations and planning her next trip, Jade found a profound lack of information on holidays with history and culture trips, sparking a realisation that nobody was providing travel articles, guides and advice for history lovers, culture enthusiasts or those travellers looking for bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.


At this point, Jade created Jade Braham's Odyssey, as a response to this issue. Starting her own business, while working full-time as the Associate Editor at Beau Monde Traveler Magazine, Jade's focus was on producing written and visual content specifically designed to showcase different heritages, off-the-beaten-path destinations, culturally and traditionally immersive activities, tours and interactions that allow travellers to really experience the place and the people they're surrounded by, but in the comfort of luxury.


Hard work, determination, and persistence have governed her every day since. As a result, Jade started working with online publications such as We Are Travel Girls, Global Girl Community and Town & Tourist and has progressed to writing for print publications, having her name published in Beau Monde Traveler Magazine's first issue. Throughout this time, Jade has continued to grow her business, writing historical and cultural travel articles while expanding her services to include content creation for clients, brands, hotels, medium-sized business and entrepreneurs. To this date, Jade has written biographies for well-known luxury travel influencers Jeremy Austin and Angie Villa, has written blog posts for other websites and has collaborated with Travel Buddy Games - a game company who'll be using her travel photography in their upcoming Backpacking Through Europe Card Game.


Work With Jade

Jade Braham is actively searching for collaborations with other bloggers, photographers, brands, hotels, airlines, and medium-sized business in the following partnerships:

- Sponsored Press Trips

- Ambassador Programmes

- Sponsored Blog Posts

- Creation of Bespoke Photo & Video Packages

- Custom Brochure, Guide and/or (E)book Creation

- Tourism Board Collaborations

- Hotel Collaborations

- Accommodation Reviews

- Event Reviews

- Activity-based Reviews

- Destination Features

- Freelance Writing

- Travel articles for Digital & Print Magazines

- Ghostwriting 

- Copywriting 

- Biographies

- Proofreading, Editing & Revision of Existing Content 

- Website and/or Webpage Design

- Graphic Design

Some Brands Jade has worked with