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Rome Travel Bucket List

Having just come back from Rome, I wanted to create a Rome Travel Bucket List for those of you planning or wish to plan a trip there. I also wanted to create this Rome Travel Bucket List to see how much I still have to explore! It wasn’t very hard to fall in love with the city. From the Vatican city to the Colosseum, there are so many historical and significant cultural sites worth seeing in the eternal city! So, here is my complete list of exciting suggestions for places to visit when in Rome!


  1. Wander around the Colosseum – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket ListRome Travel Bucket List
  2. Marvel at the panoramic views from the Palatine Hill – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  3. See the Mouth of Truth
  4. Walk around the Roman Forum – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  5. Look at the bones of 4,000 friars at the Capuchin Crypt – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  6. see the Villa Doria Pamphili
  7. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket ListRome Travel Bucket List
  8. See the Pantheon – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  9. Explore the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls
  10. Private tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  11. Find Bernini’s sculptures at the Galleria Borghese – ✔
  12. Visit the neighbourhood of Trastevere 
  13. Visit Hadrian’s Castel Sant’Angelo – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  14. Take photos of Vittoriano – ✔ 
  15. Marvel at the mosaics in St. Peter’s Basilica – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  16. Visit the fairytale district of Quartiere Coppedè
  17. Walk underground at the Baths of Caracalla – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  18. See the most beautiful Piazza Navona✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  19. Watch the sunset from the Terazza del Pincio – ✔ 
  20. Visit the ancient fort of Giardino Degli Aranci
  21. Explore the Botanical Gardens of Orti Farnesiani
  22. Walk up the Spanish Steps – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List
  23. Visit the Piazza di Spagna – ✔ 
  24. Go to one of Rome’s seven hills at Campidoglio – ✔
  25. Visit Hadrian’s Villa Adriana
  26. Discover some art at Capitoline Museum – ✔
  27. Eat ice cream at Rome’s best ice cream parlour, Come il Latte – ✔
  28. Visit the Catacombs of St. Callisto
  29. Discover Rome’s Jewish ghetto
  30. Take pictures of the Arco di Costantino – ✔
  31. Walk around the Piazza del Popolo – ✔
  32. Marvel at Sant’Ignazio Church‘s ceiling – ✔ Rome Travel Bucket List

The Outcome Of My Trip

The five days I was in Rome were incredibly fulfilling. I have managed to check off many of the places I wanted to visit and I did have a fantastic time. However, there are still plenty more sites I’d love to visit and I will eventually use them as an excuse to visit Rome again! I hope my Rome Travel Bucket List inspires you to visit the eternal city. Have you ever been? Is there anywhere I’ve missed and should definitely go?

If you liked my post and want to find out more about my trip to Rome, check out my guide to the Baths of Caracalla and the Capuchin Crypt. Alternatively, see my Rome 5-Day Travel Itinerary for more inspiration!

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