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Explore the wonders of the world with me, from the pristine beaches of Mauritius to the lush landscapes of St. Lucia. Join me on road trips through Europe’s captivating cities like Prague or Portugal’s charming villages. Bask in the Mediterranean sun while lounging on the shores of Turkey, or immerse yourself in the rich history of the UK with visits to Scotland’s breathtaking highlands, the historic city of Bath or Wales for its rugged hiking trails.

Discover these enchanting destinations and more on my travel blog, offering endless inspiration for your next grand adventure.

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Deluxe Suite with Panoramic View at The Xara Palace in Mdina.
Hotel Reviews

Ultimate Hotel Review: The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux

Mdina in Malta, known as “The Silent City”, has a timeline dating over 4,000 years. The city served as the island’s capital until the Medieval period. It then became a hotspot for the Maltese nobility, who built impressive buildings and lofty palaces within the walled city. A timeless reminder of this history is The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux, a 17th-century palazzo where the Maltese nobility assembled to elect its committee of privileges. Forming part of the honey-coloured Bastion walls, the Xara Palace in Mdina has been converted into a luxurious 5-star hotel. With its many award-winning restaurants, period-style bedrooms with modern amenities, and spacious lounge areas, it is the best place to stay for a holiday in Malta.

Mdina City Gate is the main entrance into the city and was used in the filiming of Game of Thrones.
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How to Spend One Day In Mdina in Malta

What sets Mdina in Malta apart from other European cities is that it’s a fortified settlement in the heart of the island. It sits 200m above sea level on a high plateau draped with rolling fields and enormous defensive ramparts. The city embraces its 4,000-year-long story within its stone walls, with historic buildings, narrow streets and independent businesses looking like they’re stuck in time. Every corner you visit whispers tales of knights and nobility; to make it even more special, there are only a few hundred residents. There’s also a strict no-cars policy and an unspoken rule whereby everyone is respectfully quiet. Hence, this cobblestone labyrinth is nicknamed ‘The Silent City’. There are many things to do in Mdina, and here are my favourite places to see and restaurants to try if you’re looking to spend one day in this historic city.

A panoramic view of Valletta's harbour, where fishing boats bob in the sea.
Heritage Sites | Travel Guides

Top Things to Do in Valletta: 2-Day Malta Itinerary 2024

Valletta is Malta’s shining but minute capital city tucked between imposing bastion walls and the glistening Mediterranean Sea. The city, with its honeycombed limestone streets adorned with baroque architecture, painted wooden balconies, grand palaces, hidden courtyards and historical landmarks, is like a living postcard. It’s picture-perfect, and every street dazzles with an intoxicating blend of sweet aromas, lively conversation and creative pastimes. Not to mention, there are more gardens with panoramic views than you’ll know what to do with and a mouth-watering number of trendy restaurants. Put simply, this city is a pleasure to visit, and here are my top historical, cultural and foodie things to do in Valletta in 2024. 

A medieval, thatched-roof hut sits in a field in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Heritage Sites

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park & Medieval Village Ultimate Guide

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park is a stunning natural haven situated within the lush landscapes of the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales. Spanning over 100 hectares, the park boasts two large lakes formed from former limestone quarries, which offer a serene beauty and idyllic lakeside walks. Cosmeston is ideal for your next day out with the family, and while you are there, make sure to explore the Cosmeston Medieval Village. The latter is a unique archaeological site with reconstructed 14th-century houses, making it one of the best South Wales attractions to visit in 2024 (in my opinion).

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